Quick and easy CRISPR designs
Design optimal CRISPR gRNAs by analyzing target location, specificity, and efficiency.
Import your target region, fully annotated
Use our fast CRISPR gRNA design tool to specify a gene or genome coordinates, and Benchling will automatically annotate it with the exon and CDS information you need to design guides. We currently support 160+ reference genomes!
Score your gRNAs by specificity and efficiency
Get scores for your guides covering off-target effects and on-target efficiency within seconds. Browse your sequence while examining scores to find the best guides in important domains of a gene.
Save or export guide sequences
Save the guides as oligos on Benchling, organize them using tags and folders, and clone them into CRISPR plasmids. Alternatively, you can export your guides, along with scores and off-target sites, for easy use in your own spreadsheets.
Benchling is free for academics and always will be.