Focus on science, and we'll do the rest.
Benchling is a free, intelligent research platform with tools for note-taking, molecular biology, and sample tracking.
Electronic Lab Notebook
Centralize your data on our secure, industry-grade lab notebook built specifically for biological sciences and chemistry researchers. Features include simple drag & drop import for images of any file type, protocols, time-stamping, and PDF backups.
Molecular Biology Suite
The premier design and analysis suite for molecular biology research. Get CRISPR guides, automated primer designs, plasmid visualizations, sequence alignments, and much more - all on one interface.
Use our biological registration system to track inventory such as plasmids, antibodies, and cell strains. Gain the ability to run structured queries and mine the data that's important to you.
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Industry-leading security
Protect your data and easily get PDF backups.
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Free for academics, forever
Academics get free access to the core platform and always will.
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Accessible anywhere
A web-based platform accessible on any computer, anywhere.
Benchling is built by scientists, for scientists and is trusted by top research labs and institutions around the world.
Benchling is free for academics and always will be.